Dan&Sam Part 1

Who knew that the colder of the two days that we shot would have actually been better conditions. ;) It was absolutely freezing on this day but you can't even tell because these two still had SO much fun together. Dan and Sam are truly some of my favorite people to photograph! They interact so adorably together and they are so creative/theatrical! They are both amazing singers and talented artists who started the Floating Opera Company in Chicago. I should have known they would be so easy to photograph! ;) They took a simple scarf and made it the best prop that I've ever had on an engagement shoot. They can make something out of nothing and make the best out of any situation. They are such a FUN and absolutely awesome couple and I couldn't be happier that they found each other. I've known Dan since he was young and Sam really does complete him. They have the most beautiful chemistry together and I can't wait to share their second session that we shot earlier this summer followed by their wedding photos after their wedding on September 3rd. 

Meagan NanComment