Saturdays in Newburyport

Saturdays are one of my favorite days of the week. Today we woke up late and rested next to our babies Hercules and Penny. The dogs then ran downstairs immediately awaiting their leashing by the front door for their morning walk. We headed out on this chilly and cloudy spring day and we roamed the whole town; David and I caught up while the pups sniffed everythingggg. Starbucks is always our first stop and I love watching David and the dogs sit patiently on a bench [Herky literally sits on the bench next to David ;) ] outside waiting for me to bring out our toasted coconut cold brews. With cold brews in hand, we strolled to the boardwalk by the river to sit on a bench and enjoy the view. After the dogs got antsy, we continued our walk to one of my favorite streets in town to admire the houses and blooming trees. The old historic houses, buckling red brick sidewalks, blooming trees and flowers, and character of this special little city are never ever lost on me. I never get sick of it or our Saturday routine. In the afternoon and evening you will find us at home relaxing, binge watching shows, indulging in pizza and wine, doing laundry, and/or cuddled up by the fire with the dogs. Nothing finishes off a perfect Saturday better than a good sleep in warm clean sheets. David just bought this new laundry detergent because he knows I have started using more sustainable and natural products and the scent of any product musttt be lavender. Yesterday was our first time trying it out and we are loving the honey lavender scent and the fact that it is a biobased product, made with 100% renewable electricity, 0% dyes, and the bottle is 100% recyclable. Crawling into our fresh lavender scented sheets was the perfect ending to a perfect Saturday here in Newburyport, MA.