Saturdays in Oklahoma

Weekends with my husband are my favorite anywhere that we are even in Oklahoma which seems to be growing on me this time around. Maybe it seems more beautiful and tolerable to me because this time it's summer. We took advantage of this beautiful day here in Oklahoma by first going for an early swim and then getting ready to head to Meers for the best burgers around. Most of Oklahoma is flat as can be (from what I've seen anyway) but there are actually mountains by Meers and it is quite beautiful. My husband and I both loaded our Hasselblads and headed out for lunch. For lunch we had fried pickles, an amazing burger with all the fix-ins, and their popular massive peach cobbler topped with the best vanilla ice cream. It was AMAZING! Well worth the drive and so were the sights along the way. Another great Saturday in the books with my husband. :)

Canon 5D MarkIII 35mm 1.4L Mastin Labs Presets