Thanksgiving in Louisiana

I believe that everything happens for a reason and one blessing that came out of staying in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma was having the opportunity to be able to visit David's family in Louisiana. We were within driving distance and found this to be the perfect time to get the chance to spend more time with this side of his family. It was truly the best trip with the most wonderfully special and genuine people. I loved it! Every minute of it. We sat around and chatted, looked at old photographs, discussed our blessings by the firepit (a personal favorite moment), played chess, and just enjoyed each other's company all while looking out onto the most gorgeous trees I've ever seen right in front of the Bayou. I could not get enough of the spanish moss blowing in the warm sunshine. Just perfect. We also had the best and cheeriest tour guide (David's great uncle) to show us around the beautiful South. I had never really ever experienced the true south and oh my goodness, its absolutely beautiful and such an interesting and unique part of this beautiful country. I just couldn't have asked for a better setting or to be surrounded by better people for Thanksgiving weekend and I hope to have the opportunity to go back again. 

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