A Day on the Lake

My husband and I were SOOO happy to make it home to our super cute and quaint little Wisconsin town to celebrate my dad's birthday. One thing my husband and I have in common is a love for the water and spending time at the lake with family. :) His family has a beautiful spot on a large lake in Indiana and my family is all from a very tiny town in Wisconsin centered around a smaller lake.  

On this day, we got to spend the entire day out on the boat at the lake. I like to say that my husband was pretty much born on the water because his all time FAVORITE thing to do is any type of water sport off the back of a boat. He has been boating since he was a kid which is obvious because he is really good at everything with a ski rope in his hands. Today he got to slalom, wakeboard, and wake surf and it brought me sooo much happiness to see him light up that day doing what he absolutely LOVES to do. :)