Aimee&Adam + Aidan & Ashton

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE families and I feel so incredibly blessed that I got to meet them while I have lived in Colorado Springs! Aimee was one of my first friends here and she was so sweet and welcoming. She made time away from my husband easier in addition to just being a great, super fun friend to hang out with! Adam and my husband also became friends while working together and I love hearing their funny stories from rooming together while they were away. wink emoticon The boys just couldn't be cuter and I know that my husband wishes that we someday will have 2 boys just like them. 

Aimee is also an amaaaaaazing realtor and did a FANTASTIC job selling our house (sold our house in 16 hours!!!!). smile emoticon I could really list off a million reasons why I love this family!!!! smile emoticon I may have teared up (or balled wink emoticon while writing this because I'm truly going to miss Aimee and this family so much when we move! I wish this adorable family nothing but the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!!!! xoxo