Homemade Pizza

After a busy and super fun vacation, my husband and I got to have a quiet night at home cooking together. These nights are my absolute FAVORITE kind of nights! We went to our favorite store, Whole Foods, and picked up some yummy organic toppings for our pizza. After our trip to the greatest store ever, I made the pizza dough while watching the latest episode of the Bachelorette. We then indulged in a glass of red wine and had some fun building the pizza together. Of course our Dane, Herky, wanted to get in on the action and attempted to steal our pizza toppings right off the counter. haha ;) What a perfect Saturday night! :)


I used the link below for the dough recipe and it turned out awesome! The recipe makes two pizzas which worked out great because we saved the rest of the dough for some out-of-town family guests a few days later. :)




We topped the pizza with the tastiest mozzarella cheese (Whole Foods 365 brand),

half a can of organic green olives,

a small jar of artichoke hearts  (Whole Foods 365 brand), 

3/4 of a can of Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce, 

ground beef I cooked up with a little garlic, oregano, salt and pepper to flavor it, 

and some Sopressata also from Whole Foods.

Happy cooking! 



Pizza Dinner.jpg