My name is Meagan Nan and I am a proud wife to a handsome Air Force pilot, a devoted dog mom to a Scooby Doo look-a-like named Hercules and a little rescue mix (we think a beagle/dachshund) named Penny, a full time fashion design student graduating in May 2018, a devoted member to a local Barre studio, and a very dedicated and passionate lifestyle photographer living in Massachusetts. I obviously absolutely love photography and really anything where I can use my creative talents. I have enough hobbies to fill up every single day and I don't understand the meaning of the word bored. I am also usually taking pictures whilst engaging in all hobbies. ;)

I am really really passionate about film and the beauty and magic of the art of film. I take my Contax645 with me everywhere and nothing makes me happier than capturing special moments for you with my prized possession. I use two amazing professional labs for developing my film (Richard Photo Lab & The Find Lab) that I just LOVE! I am just in love with the whole process of film and there is truly nothing better than getting that email that says "your film scans are ready for download." Gahhhhh I could go on and on about my obsession with my film. ;)

I also shoot digital images and am a devoted Canon girl equipped with only professional level gear. My style is of a photojournalistic nature meaning that I capture details and raw, candid moments throughout your wedding day or session to tell a bigger story. What I love most about people are their quirks so I am always striving to capture the personality and beauty of each person I come across. I am constantly behind the camera looking for special moments to capture that show the beautiful connections between friends, loved ones, and communities. I hope that you give me the opportunity and privilege to ultimately hang out with you and also use my talents to create images that will take you back in time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I hope you enjoy my photographs! :) Have an amazing day! :)